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Ben Jealous Releases Medicare for All Plan “MD-Care”

Former President & CEO of the NAACP releases healthcare plan to control costs and provide health insurance to all Marylanders through a Medicare for All system

Silver Spring, MD – TODAY, Monday, December 4, Ben Jealous, former National President and CEO of the NAACP, released his plan, MD-Care, which will make Maryland the first state to institute a Medicare for All healthcare system. Maryland has the highest median-income in the country, yet more than 350,000 Marylanders lack health insurance and total healthcare spending has increased by more than a trillion dollars in the last decade. Families fortunate enough to have coverage are experiencing staggering increases in their premiums, with this year marking the fourth consecutive year where rates have experienced a double digit increase.

Maryland is better positioned than any other state to make universal healthcare a reality due to the state’s existing “All-Payer” system. Since former Governor Martin O’Malley last updated the program in 2014, All-Payer has saved Maryland $429 million and helped foster better care for countless Marylanders.

Jealous’ plan would build upon this progress, protect the advancements made under the Affordable Care Act, and ultimately ensure Maryland families and businesses get a better deal.

“As healthcare costs spiral out of control and thousands of Marylanders continue without any coverage at all, it is clear that continuing down our current path is unsustainable,” Jealous said. “My plan ensures we not only make healthcare a human right, but we will do it while saving taxpayers money and maximizing the return on the billions of dollars being funneled into the current system. MD-Care will control skyrocketing costs and simplify our healthcare system for businesses, people, and healthcare professionals.”

Key provisions of Jealous’ plan include:

  • Ensures every Marylander has quality care no matter where they work with no hidden charges or out of pocket expenses
  • Ensures every Marylander can choose whichever healthcare provider they wish and not have those choices dictated by insurance companies
  • Ensures healthcare decisions are made by patients and their doctors instead of insurance companies
  • Ensures any Marylander with a great idea for a new business will be able to pursue that passion and enrich our economy, without fear of losing healthcare coverage for their family
  • Control costs by expanding All-Payer, reducing administrative costs, and negotiating with Big Pharma

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