Ben Jealous Calls On Governor Hogan To Hold Cabinet Meeting In Baltimore City

As Governor Hogan Holds Cabinet Meeting in Baltimore County, Ben Jealous Asks Why Not Baltimore City Given Recent Struggles With Crime, Opioids, and Schools
Former President & CEO of the NAACP Criticizes Hogan’s Continued Disinvestment From State’s Largest City

Silver Spring, MD — TODAY, February 12, 2018, Ben Jealous, former National President & CEO of the NAACP, released a statement in response to Governor Hogan’s Baltimore County cabinet meeting questioning why the same opportunity was not extended to neighboring Baltimore City given the city’s recent struggles with crime, opioid deaths and schools. Last month as several Baltimore City schools were struggling to properly heat their buildings, Jealous called on Hogan to host a cabinet meeting in the city so that stakeholders could be brought together to find solutions.

In response to today’s meeting in Baltimore County, Jealous said the following:

“Larry Hogan continues to make it crystal clear Baltimore City will never be anything more to him than a place to hold photo ops” Jealous said. “By not having a cabinet meeting in the city, Hogan continues to demonstrate he lacks the courage to face city residents struggling with violence, opioid deaths, a failed transit system, crumbling schools and a police misconduct trial that is eroding the public’s trust. Baltimore City residents deserve the same opportunity to engage with the governor in a meaningful way, and I again call on Larry Hogan to host a cabinet meeting in the city focused on solutions for moving forward.”

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