Ben Jealous Releases “The Path To Medicare-For-All” Healthcare Proposal

Plan Would Expand Healthcare to Thousands More Marylanders And Strengthen Medicare-For-All

Silver Spring, MD — TODAY, Friday, February 16, Ben Jealous, former national President & CEO of the NAACP released The Path To Medicare For All, a plan that outlines additional steps he will take on day one to lay the groundwork for single payer and increase the number of people who have access to care. From continuing the progress of our “All-Payer” system to increasing Affordable Care Act outreach, this plan will ensure Maryland is in the best possible position to implement a state-based Medicare-for-All healthcare system.

Jealous is the only candidate for governor, including Governor Larry Hogan, who has released comprehensive plans to deal with rising healthcare premiums and the lack of quality, affordable healthcare in our state.

Jealous’ Pathway To Medicare For All plan focuses on enrolling already eligible Marylanders into existing programs which increases Maryland’s allotment of federal healthcare dollars and actually reduces the future cost of single payer.

“The status quo is untenable,” Jealous said. “Premiums have risen by double digits every year since this governor took office, and countless Marylanders lack quality, affordable healthcare. The only long term solution is moving Maryland to a Medicare-for-All system and once I’m governor, with this plan, we’ll quickly begin expanding healthcare coverage and ultimately implement a single payer system that protects vulnerable Marylanders and small businesses.”

Jealous’ plan calls for:

  1. Improve ACA Outreach — Under Governor Hogan and President Trump, the enrollment period was brought down from 90 days to 52 days which led to thousands fewer Marylanders participating in the exchange.
  2. Continue The Progress of All-Payer — Former Governor Martin O’Malley switched hospitals to a “global payment” model rather than “fee for service” which means hospitals are reimbursed for meeting health outcomes rather than paid for every single service. This change has saved Maryland $429 million and Jealous would continue this policy.
  3. Reduce Subsidy Drop-Off at 400% of the Poverty Line — Currently, subsidies immediately disappear for people who make right above 400% of the poverty line. Maryland should add subsidies above this line to make sure that subsidies gradually decline rather than act as a steep drop-off.
  4. Expand Support to Community Clinics — Community clinics offer services to those who have fallen through the cracks of our current system including but not limited to members of the working poor who don’t qualify for Medicaid and people who have insurance plans on the exchange but their deductibles are too high to afford care.
  5. Examine Viability of Seeking a State Reinsurance Waiver for Sickest Consumers — This reinsurance waiver would ensure that premiums don’t spike simply because a few very sick people enter the market.
  6. Work With Other States to Expand Access — Maryland should partner with our neighbors to ensure more access to quality affordable healthcare. From partnering on ad campaigns in the D.C. media market to sharing backend software, Jealous will make this a priority as governor.

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