Fighting for Healthcare During National Women’s Health Week

Susie Turnbull is running for Lt. Governor with Ben Jealous.

This week is National Women’s Health Week. It’s shocking that in 2018, many women still lack access to quality affordable healthcare. As a state, we can and we must do more. Ben Jealous and I are committed to a Medicare For All system because it is the only way to ensure that every Marylander has access to healthcare.

My mother died of breast cancer because she didn’t receive adequate preventative care while being cared for in a long term care facility.

Losing her was devastating. Following her death, I learned it was not required for nursing home residents to receive routine cancer screenings. In search of solutions, I began organizing to help make life better for seniors in need of the care my mother didn’t receive.

Ultimately, I was able to work with then-Governor William Donald Schaefer to bring real healthcare reforms for seniors. Working with the Governor, a commission was created to determine how government could better serve seniors like my mom.

One year later, on Mother’s Day weekend, I stood next to the Governor as he announced that from then on, all nursing homes in Maryland would screen women for breast cancer and men for prostate cancer. I was overwhelmed knowing that no family would have to go through what ours did.

Over the years I’ve continued to organize, fight, and champion the rights of women in every area, especially in accessing quality healthcare.

As a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, I’m proud to stand alongside Ben in championing a Medicare For All system. Medicare For All is the best way to finish the work I helped to start on my mother’s behalf decades ago, while ensuring that the next generation of women have access to the care they need regardless of their race or income.

Healthcare must be a human right, and once we achieve this through a Medicare For All system, women will be the greatest beneficiaries in many ways. I know how proud my mom would be that together, Ben and I, are the only candidates putting healthcare first and fighting to institute a Medicare-for-All system.

We hear from people in every corner of our state how the healthcare system isn’t working for them and their families.

Rising premiums, inadequate coverage, and far too many Marylanders who still don’t have insurance are all signs that we need a better approach to healthcare – one that recognizes the most expensive option is to do nothing.

That’s why Ben and I are so passionate about ensuring that Maryland becomes the first state to truly treat healthcare as a human right and ensure that all families get the care they deserve through a Medicare-for-All system.

And part of that is ensuring that our healthcare system works for women in our state. Our system is going to ensure that choices about women’s health are made by patients and doctors, not insurance companies and politicians, so that women always have access to the reproductive and preventative care they need.

So this National Women’s Health Week, as a grandmother, a mom, and a daughter who holds this cause close to my heart, I’m committed to continuing the fight for women’s healthcare.