K-12 Education

Before Governor Hogan took office, Maryland’s public schools were ranked first in the country for five years running. Now, under his leadership, we’ve slipped to sixth. As governor, I will reverse this trend by making sure we raise teacher pay by 29%, fund full-day universal Pre-K by legalizing and taxing marijuana for adult use, and force Annapolis to finally keep its promise to use all of the casino and lottery revenue to increase education spending, not replace money they’ve shifted to other priorities.

Great Cities: A Vision For Maryland’s Future

From Salisbury and Baltimore to Cumberland, our cities have experienced chronic underinvestment in education, transportation, and job creation. As governor, I will invest in our cities to ensure equal opportunity for all and return them to the economic hubs they once were. There is a wealth of untapped potential in our state, and when we look to our cities, we see that they have been without proper investment for far too long. As governor, I’ll use my experience as a civil rights leader and businessman to ensure cities are at the forefront of reviving Maryland’s economy.