Ending The Student Debt Crisis

As governor, I will end this era of mass incarceration and use those savings to fund initiatives that will eventually make college tuition-free, and ensure no Marylander is forced to accrue massive debt in order to receive a good education.

My grandfather paid $200 to attend the University of Maryland School of Law and pull my parents out of McCulloh Homes public housing and into the middle class. Unfortunately, this path to a stable life is no longer available to too many Marylanders. My plan, Ending the Student Debt Crisis: A Plan to Transform Higher Education in Maryland, will reverse trends occurring across higher education, where we have seen student debt increase dramatically because government grants and support have failed to keep pace with increases in college costs. As a result, much of the burden for financing college has moved away from government and fallen to students, who report being much less likely to start businesses or pursue public service because they have to prioritize college debt payments. We must break this vicious cycle.

As governor, I will:

  • Make community college free for every Marylander
  • Establish”MD Careers”, a program which will fund higher education for in-demand professions
  • Make all 4-year public institutions debt-free for Marylanders
  • Establish a progressive program which will allow those suffering under onerous debt requirements to refinance their loans
  • Restore and protect Maryland’s historically black colleges and universities