As a life-long environmentalist, I know that protecting our planet is not just a moral imperative, it is an economic opportunity that Maryland can take to propel our state forward. As governor, I will expand the use of renewable power and create good-paying jobs in the process.

Protecting our environment is as much a question of doing the right thing by ourselves as it is doing right by our kids. I want my children to be able to swim in the Bay for decades and grow up in a state on the cutting edge of the 21st century. I’ve been endorsed by Bill McKibben, 350.org, Phil Radford, Maryland League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club Maryland, and Friends of the Earth Action because of my life-long commitment to the environment.

Wayne Gretzky once said that his success as a hockey player was because he skated to where the puck was going. The puck in energy is heading towards renewables fast, and if we want to make sure our kids grow up in an economy that is leading the charge, we have to take action now. The Chesapeake Bay is our state’s greatest treasure and I’m committed to taking the necessary steps to bring native species back from the brink, to build and restore forested buffers, and work with farmers to reduce pollution.

As the President of the NAACP, the first new program I launched was the climate justice program and I served as a board member for the Environmental Defense Fund for over three years fighting for our environment. This is something I’ve taken seriously my entire life and what I will make a priority as governor.

Read my plan, Making Maryland A Leader In The Fight Against Climate Change, to transform Maryland into the greenest state in the nation, make 100% clean energy economy our moonshot, and lead the way on combatting climate change.

As governor, I will:

  • Drive Maryland to achieve 100% reliance on clean energy as quickly as possible, and in the process, build and expand a new industry to employ more Marylanders
  • Work with every county to ensure public transportation connects workers to economic opportunity and students to educational institutions
  • Restore and revitalize the Chesapeake Bay by standing up to the Trump Administration and corporate agriculture polluters
  • Make environmental justice a priority and ensure the health of the all Marylanders regardless of what’s happening in Washington