Great Cities: A Vision For Maryland’s Future

From Salisbury and Baltimore to Cumberland, our cities have experienced chronic underinvestment in education, transportation, and job creation. As governor, I will invest in our cities to ensure equal opportunity for all and return them to the economic hubs they once were. There is a wealth of untapped potential in our state, and when we look to our cities, we see that they have been without proper investment for far too long. As governor, I'll use my experience as a civil rights leader and businessman to ensure cities are at the forefront of reviving Maryland's economy.

From failing schools, to gun violence and the opioid epidemic, cities across our state are struggling to be the economic engines they once were. As a result, thousands of Marylanders lack the opportunity to escape poverty. From Baltimore, to Cumberland to Salisbury, Marylanders are earning less, and lack the transit options necessary to reach good paying jobs. The Baltimore uprisings, as an example, were as much about the killing of Freddie Gray, as they were a response to the lack of investment in education, transportation, housing, and economic opportunity that exists in every city across our state. This plan will help to ensure that all of our cities, large and small, can thrive and that our state as a whole prospers.

It’s also crucial to combat the childhood lead poisoning public health crisis and improve educational outcomes. Read my three part plan to combat lead poisoning.

Read my full plan: Great Cities: A Vision For Maryland’s Future.

Highlights of my plan include:

  • Closing the Wealth, Pay, and Opportunity Gaps
    • End The Public Health Crisis Posed By Lead Paint And Indoor Air Quality
    • Reducing Wealth Gaps Through Homeownership
    • Raising Maryland’s Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Targets And Growing An MWBE Pipeline
    • Increase Resources To Counter Housing Discrimination In The Courts And Utilize Data And Mapping
  • Investing In Infrastructure And The Built Environment
    • Building The State Center Redevelopment Project And The Baltimore Red Line
    • Supporting Homeowners With Funds For Renovation And Protection Against Unjust Tax Consequences
    • An Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund And P3 Approach
    • A Maryland State Infrastructure Bank (SIB)
    • Creating A Smart Growth Investment Fund
    • Creating A Network Of Gigabit Cities
    • Support Urban Agriculture To Address Healthy Food Priority Areas And Grow Jobs
  • An Opportunity Framework For Housing And Community Development
    • Providing State Funds For Rent Assistance And Banning Source of Income Discrimination
    • Expanding Affordable Housing In Maryland
    • Expand Public And Private Transportation Of All Types To Solve The Urban Transportation Crisis
    • Incentivizing Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
    • Rapid Rehousing To Address Homelessness
  • Expanding Equitable Opportunity In Key Growth Industries
    • Leveraging Urban Assets For Innovation
    • Growing Jobs At The Port of Baltimore
    • Creating A State Office Of Tech Transfer
    • Creating Opportunity Through Partnership With Maryland’s HBCUs
    • Equitable Growth Policy Restructuring Maryland’s Tax And Investment Policy To Focus On Equitable Growth
  • Youth Investment And Career Pathways
    • Expand State Support And Participation In Baltimore’s YouthWorks Program
    • Make Grants For Youth Businesses An Alternative To Job Placement For YouthWorks
    • Expand Funding For Police Athletic League Centers
    • Create A 21st-Century Parks Fund To Build New Infrastructure For An Active Lifestyle