We must stop rising premiums and lower skyrocketing drug prices. The only solution for Maryland’s healthcare crisis is a Medicare-for-All System.

Read my plan The Path to MD Care, a plan to enroll more Marylanders into existing programs and reduce future costs for a Medicare For All system in Maryland.

Read my plan MD-Care, a healthcare plan to control costs and provide health insurance to all Marylanders through a Medicare for All system.

In Maryland, we must create a healthcare system that ensures residents are protected, regardless of what President Trump does in Washington. I’ll do what it takes to make sure premiums don’t bankrupt our families and strangle small businesses because we shouldn’t expect to keep paying more for healthcare while getting less and less each year.

As a child and young adult, I struggled with juvenile epilepsy. There were years when I wasn’t covered by health insurance and couldn’t afford the medicine which would have suppressed my seizures. I’ve held friends in my arms after their loved ones died due to a lack of proper health coverage.

My commitment to a Medicare-for-All system is grounded in a belief that healthcare is a moral and economic imperative that we can no longer ignore.

As governor, I will:

  • Implement a Medicare-for-All system that delivers better care for less cost.
  • Stop rising premiums so that Maryland families no longer fear bankruptcy due to an unexpected health crisis.
  • Negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices for all residents.