Opioid Crisis

Our state is in crisis. Communities across Maryland, from Baltimore to Oakland to Ocean City, La Plata, Elkton, Rockville, and everywhere in between are suffering from the scourge of addiction to heroin and other opioids.

Countless families have been torn apart and thousands of lives have been lost due to an epidemic created largely by the greed of major drug companies, who spent years pushing prescription painkillers that drew victims down the path toward addiction. I’ve toured many of these places, and I’ve seen the pain they’ve created. We know how to fight this massive public health disaster, but our first responders and public health professionals have too often been crippled by a lack of resources. That problem will end when I’m governor and I have a comprehensive plan, Enough Is Enough, developed to ensure that we finally start dealing with this epidemic.

By investing in solutions to this crisis now, we will not only help Marylanders recover from addiction and get back on their feet, but dramatically lessen the immense burdens the opioid crisis has placed on our law enforcement, criminal justice, and public health systems – ultimately saving money in the long term when measured against the costs of inaction.

I promise that I will always remain laser focused on supporting the victims suffering from opioid dependency, the families who often bear the brunt of addiction, and the heroic public health professionals and first responders working hard every day against long odds to save lives and turn the tide of this epidemic.

As governor, I will:

  • Devote an additional $2 million in state funding to procure and stock Naloxone for public health professionals and the public spaces that need it most
  • Expand the number of 24/7 crisis centers to additional jurisdictions
  • Create and fund Overdose Outreach Teams in more areas of the state
  • Target the manufacturers and pill mills that created this problem
  • Create a state Office of Pain Management, Addiction, and Recovery

Read my full plan, Enough Is Enough here.